Barrick Gold Corporation Abuse

    Barrick gold corp is one of the biggest gold mining industries in this world. It operates worldwide, it has over 4 headquarter over four continent (Australia, South America, North America and Africa). It is also currently undertaking to mine and exploring in many different countries such as Papua New Guinea, the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Australia, Peru, Chile, Russia, South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, and Tanzania. Barrick has been accused of many unethical environment practices. The charge includes chemical dumping such as mercury lead and cyanide which lead to major environmental damage within that area and poisoning local population. In addition to Barrick branch in some continent are accused of colluding with the local armed force which leads to the death of 6 people in the year 2011.


    Papua New Guinea had been the destination gold mining for the past 20 years. The Porgera mine has produced more than billion dollar worth of gold. 95 percent of operation is undergoing by Barrick Gold. the problem arose when Barrick are convicted of dumping more than tons of multiple chemicals into a land. Those chemical contain lead, mercury, and cyanide which are deadly for both land fertilities and human health. There were multiple reports of a village in the nearby area getting sick from consuming a product that is covered inc chemical. In addition to that on the same day, Barrick was also accused of human right abuse. An investigated show that there is more than 6 gang rape by company security personnel. The victim accuses Barrick of killing innocent villager who accidently trespasses mining territory. However, Barrick stated that Papua New Guinea is hostile environment state. Barrick security force has to deal with violent armed illegal minor all the time and the securities of personnel will need to come first. However, that is not the first human right abuse incident.


    Barrick Africa branch was accused by Tanzanian village after 6 people were killed by
policies and leaving many injured. The claim states that Barrick is colluding with a local police force to bring harmed to a citizen. Villagers often gather rocks around mining area in hope they could find pieces of gold. However, local police forces that were guarding the mine shoot at the villager without warning with a real bullet and tear gas. The claim is tied to the incident on May 2011 where 6 villagers were shot dead. ‘failed
to curb the use of excessive force at the mine, including deadly force used by police on a regular basis over a protracted period of time”. However according to the local, this is not the first violent, many reported that they have been abused by local police force before. Barrick came out and stated that it was saddened by the loss of life at the incident “but we will not compensate illegitimate claims or lawsuits”. said Barrick media. A lawyer at light day said that many villagers around mining area faced massive poverty despite the fact that gold mine is generating more than billion dollars for the past 20 years. ‘It is very sad to see that wealth is poorly distributed’ said local journalist.

The fact that wealth is not distributed equally in each country don’t have anything to do with a corporation that is operation in that area. This matters fall on each countries government and policies. However, this incident still takes a toll on Barrick reputation, since they earn so much why don’t they give back something to the local. In addition to that Barrick should consider using force against the local and smuggler. Although there are a lot of villagers who tried to salvage from the gold mine, it is still unnecessary to use to use deadly force on them. Instead, Barrick can set up a program that helps out the local poverty such as giving them enough food and clean water. In addition to receiving good relationship from the local, Barrick will get a worldwide reputation as well.


2 thoughts on “Barrick Gold Corporation Abuse

    1. Local stated on the BBC new that they feel oppressed. The wealth from gold mine should be distributed equally among every citizen in the country. However, most of them realize that it is not Barrick false but fail in government policies.The Gold belongs to the country but Barrick got a contracted from a government to extracted it.


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